1. Movin' On

From the recording Here Now

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Movin’ On

A hot wind is blowing through the trees
Flash of lightning in the distance bothers me
I can feel the storm approaching
As I drive on through the night
Keeping focused on the highway
Lit up by my headlights

Thoughts are steady spinnin’ through my mind
Like my tires on the pavement with a steady whine
All the love I’ve kept inside me
All the love I’ve left behind
As I roll on down the highway
Just to see what I can find

Keep movin’ on
Into the dawn
Keep movin’ on

A spark in the darkness
Like the lightning up ahead
Lights the things in my future
Both the happiness and dread
Love is a woman by the highway in the rain
She looks ahead in to the darkness
Soothing all my pain

Keep movin’ on
Keep movin’ on