Latest Marshall Artz News

November Embers 


Wood burning in the fireplace warms the room conjuring pictures from the past and visions of the future. Our eyes are drawn to the flickering flames sparking imagination. This is a month for family, friends and Thanksgiving. Marshall Artz is celebrating at private parties and family gatherings. We are also spending time recording at Cue Studios in Falls Church, Virginia digging in on tracks for our next release. Enjoy every moment this month has to offer. Keep the music turned up loud and a smile on your face! See you again soon.

Rock in October 

October started out sizzling hot! Mother Nature is trying to tell us something. Cool weather is around the corner, though, and that means perfectly comfortable conditions for outdoor shows like our upcoming Barrel Barn performance at Bold Rock. Friday, October 25th we are playing from 6 until 9 bringing everything we've got to rock the start of your weekend. But that is just the start. On Saturday, October 26th, we will be at The Edge at Wintergreen Resort from 8 until 11 warmed up and ready to keep the music rolling. We're looking forward to spending the weekend with all of you! See you there.