Latest Marshall Artz News

July Glides Past Into August   

August arrived in a hurry this year.  Brad and Kevin have been collaborating on new songs and traveling in cars and planes to familiar places.  Inspiration is found anywhere you may be in the present moment.  Here Now is the Marshall Artz album to remind you of that.  Music has the ability to take you to where you were when you first heard the song bringing the past into the present.  Good times!  Make new memories this Summer listening to your Marshall Artz playlist. Looking forward to seeing you out and about sometime soon. 

Summer Solstice Sunshine  

Summer Solstice stretches the sunshine to its furthest point in the dance of the planets.  This is the season to stretch out and soak up the warmth of the sun.  It's time to get out and enjoy the chance to get together with people at festivals and home town events, backyard barbeques, mountain get aways and basking at the beach.  Let's Go is a song to bring along and sing along with from our newest album What Matters.  Get up, get out and dance!     

Dance into Springtime Sunshine  

Dancing around the May pole on a sunny Spring day celebrates the quickening of life all around us.  Green is the theme with splashes of color around each bend on the way.  Music is our faithful accompaniment complementing the beauty surrounding us.  Playing a favorite Marshall Artz song puts a bounce in our step and a smile on our faces.  SIng along!  

NOVA Return Performance  

Marshall Artz is coming back to Northern Virginia!  We are performing at Jammin' Java in Vienna on March 4th.  As opening act for The Fabulous Dialtones we will be performing our originals and Beatles tunes to segue into a night of Fab Four music by the Fab Dialtones.  The details and tickets can be found on our Shows tab. Kick off your weekend with the best music anywhere around.  A splendid time is guaranteed for all!     

All Together Now  

The days are short and darkness comes too soon for us in Virginia's piedmont region.  The best place to be is somewhere warm with good music playing.  Playing good music is something Brad and Kevin do always.  The holiday months of November and December bring us together to celebrate and explore new songs.  This year will soon be history.  Getting  together with family and friends is our opportunity to make history.  Times like these are memories for tomorrow.  Be well, celebrate and prosper through this holiday season.  Play Marshall Artz music and let us be a part of your celebration.  Peace. 

Fine Wine and Good Times  

On September 18th Marshall Artz will be performing live at Brent Manor Vineyards in Faber, Virginia.  This excellent vineyard is just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia and features a stage set in a natural amphitheater environment..  Marshall Artz will be playing all original music from our five CD's.  Go to our Shows tab and get full details and directions.  We have missed playing for you and are looking forward to seeing you for an outdoor performance!  A splendid time is guaranteed for all.