1. Muddy Boots

From the recording What Matters

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Muddy Boots

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Marshall Artz announces the release of their fifth CD, What Matters, a powerful collection of original music. Recorded and engineered at Cue recording by Ken Schubert who has numerous platinum credits and Billboard hits. Mastered by Grammy award winner Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions. Album artwork by Maria Hudgins.


Muddy Boots

It's raining outside I can hear it on the roof
I'm goin' out there in my muddy boots

People see me walkin' around in the rain
They must think I've gone insane

In my muddy boots

Walkin' around like I lost my mind
But the truth is I'm feeling fine

In my muddy boots

Next time the sky starts to open and pour
Do what I do and walk out your door
In your muddy boots
Out in the woods
Walking around tree roots

People might think that you've gone insane
Don't worry a minute
It's all the same
In your muddy boots

If you're a lover of the earth
And everything in it
Put on your boots
Don't wait another minute