1. Coming Home

From the recording What Matters

Marshall Artz announces the release of their fifth CD, What Matters, a powerful collection of original music. Recorded and engineered at Cue recording by Ken Schubert who has numerous platinum credits and Billboard hits. Mastered by Grammy award winner Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions. Album artwork by Maria Hudgins.


Coming Home

Every time I leave you I feel so alone
Our only touch is FaceTime on my iPhone
Money's the magnet that pulls me away from you

But today is the day I'm coming home

I think about you every morning, noon and night
Out here on the highway chasing my headlights
Love is the magic that pulls me back to you

Today is the day I'm coming home

Keep on keeping on nothing to stop us now
It's how we roll with lots of soul somehow
Love seals the deal between me and you

Today is the day I'm coming home

Carolina, Carolina see you soon
Looking forward to a lazy afternoon
Nothing in the rear view mirror that I wanna see

Because today is the day I'm coming home