1. Tricks on Me

From the recording What Matters

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Marshall Artz announces the release of their fifth CD, What Matters, a powerful collection of original music. Recorded and engineered at Cue recording by Ken Schubert who has numerous platinum credits and Billboard hits. Mastered by Grammy award winner Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions. Album artwork by Maria Hudgins.


Tricks on Me

In the morning light
The sun is shining bright
But the shadows play tricks on me
From the corner of my eye
Playing tricks on me

Later on the street
Everyone I meet
Reminds me
Of who I don't see
The trick's on me

Oh I miss your smile
And wish you could be
Here with me awhile

Ever since you're gone
Life goes on
And I'm wound up in the mystery
Life plays its tricks on me


Gonna crack this sorrow
With a great big grin
And pour out all the love
I have within