1. Shooting Moon

From the recording What Matters

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Marshall Artz announces the release of their fifth CD, What Matters, a powerful collection of original music. Recorded and engineered at Cue recording by Ken Schubert who has numerous platinum credits and Billboard hits. Mastered by Grammy award winner Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions. Album artwork by Maria Hudgins.


Shooting Moon

If I could shoot the moon from where I stand
And watch it fall into your open hand
Then you could toss it back into the sky
While the shooting moon returns on high

Orb of emotion, lovers spoon
Ornament of night sky, shooting moon

Repeat Chorus

Trails through the darkness trails through the wood
I always knew the path we're on would lead to good
No wrong turns on this journey to love
Shooting moon shining from above

Wake me if I'm dreaming tell me if I'm wrong
Help me remember the words to this song
Here by my moonshadow on this brilliant night
Standing next to you in the shooting moon light