1. Forevermore

From the recording Here Now



When I was a child
I felt power pulsing through me
Every day was full
And not one moment could escape me
I feel that strength again
When you take my hand
It’s the power of love
Since all time began
One woman to one man
I believe in love

Love can’t say enough
Tell me with your touch

We are mirror souls like water and the sky
I’m sure I’ve caught a glimpse
Of eternity in your eye
I can’t resist the power of your kiss
Flowing through my soul
Just to have you near
Drives away all fear
Together we are whole

Love can’t say enough
Tell me with your touch

You eclipse the moon
In beauty in my eyes
Who but you could wake the truth inside
And make me wise
I feel the rush of strong emotion
Like the ocean crashing on the shore
When we’re together
I believe in forevermore