From the recording Marshall Artz

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My Point of View

I went out walkin’ and the sky was dark
The stars weren’t shinin’
All the cars were parked
I heard footsteps behind me and turned to see
Nobody goin’ nowhere gaining on me

Now since I’m someone with places to be
I didn’t want Nobody messin’ with me
So I picked up the pace
To flee from that place
When I saw right behind me Nobody’s face

So I ducked inside the local liquor store
Everybody knew me when I came through the door
They knew my brand
And they told me the price
Someone said
That’s so smooth you don’t need any ice

When I hit the streets there was Nobody there
I really couldn’t see him but I felt his stare
I thought I heard him say in an empty sounding voice
It’s a question of timing
Just a matter of choice

Well I got back home and settled down for the night
I was glad to be there
I had had such a fright
The timing was perfect
From my point of view
And I’m sure
Nobody is thinkin’ that too